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After waking up early in the morning, Nitai went out after eating two handfuls of rum. Her destination is now those houses from where she stands and collects pure milk every day. His twelve-year-old son Sabur helps him in this work. All from home

When the milk is collected, Nita opens her small sweet shop in the market by seven o’clock. He lit an incense stick by splashing water all over the shop. This practice of standing and collecting pure milk

Nitai learned from her heavenly father. “Whatever you feed people, always stand up and check that it will be unfair” – Nitai always obeyed this advice of the otherworldly father with all his heart.

Once the milk was collected, Moira, an old man who had been working since Nitai’s father’s time, started making sweets with them. Nitai’s Moira Jethu doesn’t speak at all, just works single-mindedly. Nitai’s

Sometimes it seems that Moira Jethu has put all the wisdom and knowledge of life in this work, if she can’t make sweets, maybe she will die! Sabur is the only employee in Nitai’s shop. Nitai’s shop produces a few batches of sweets every day. These include kheer, chamcham, rasgolla and curd. Nitai’s shop has never tasted stale sweets

Existence is not felt. Usually all her sweets are sold out before the shop closes. If one or two sweets remain, Nitai gives them to Sabur at night. Among these sweets from Nitai’s shop, the fame of kheer is back in people’s mouths. Although many people’s fortunes have returned with the sweet shop, Nitai’s has not returned, and the reason behind this is her dead father. Nitai’s

When the father started the shop, he made very little profit, and before his death, he instructed his son to feed people well but make very little profit. Nitai’s father was known as a simple and philanthropic person among the villagers. Nitai’s father also used to say, “He will be burnt to ashes.”

Father, do not be greedy for material things and do not commit sin.” Following his father’s advice, Nitai sometimes becomes helpless due to the high prices of goods and the ever-changing demands of the world. It is not permissible for Nitai to earn even a penny from the milk that sells the most. Obeying father’s order at the cost

Nitai has to sell the milk. According to the commentary of Nitai’s father, this milk is the only service from God’s creation to humans and he also said that Tagore would be displeased if it was given everywhere. Nitai sells the other sweets at a limited profit, necessarily tied by Nitai’s father. Sometimes Nita gets tired of following her father’s ideals.

Nitai’s wife and only daughter has been aching for a TV for a long time now but she can’t afford to buy such an expensive item from this shop. Some of the sweet sellers in the market are jealous and try to mislead people about the raw materials and preparation method of Nitai’s sweets but it doesn’t work much because whoever eats his sweets once has to come here again.

At the same time, quality is good and money is being saved. People from other villages also come to this village to eat her sweets. Tired of the stress of life, Nitai immediately remembers his father’s boastful memories. As a child, his friends used to get beaten by their fathers for taking lime from a little drink

Then Nita got a full independent life. If Nitai did something wrong, her father would explain her lovingly, teach her various life lessons in the guise of stories. Despite the poverty of the world, Nitai can see many instances of her father standing beside people. It is the memories of devoting oneself to people

So Ajo has made Nitai a blind patriot. Since childhood, Nitai has seen a Fakir or poor man passing by the shop, Nitai’s father would call him and feed him sweets from the shop. Nitai’s routine of life continues, reminiscing about such sweet memories in retirement from work.

There is no confusion, no variety. On such a day Nitai was returning home after closing the shop at night. After walking some distance, Nitai realizes that someone is calling her from behind. Later it turned out that the caller is a 22-year-old boy, named Ibrahim, who owns a photocopier and computer shop in the market. Ibrahim gasped and said,

“Nitaika, you are out of luck, you are out of luck.” Nitai could not understand Ibrahim’s words at first due to the suddenness of the situation. Later everything became clear to him. Last year, there was a dress code in the market for the DV Lottery format without the US government. Many are of tea

In the shop, people were chatting about this amazing lottery and how everyone’s life would change if they left America in their imaginations. “People used to get buildings in the lottery, then they got a lot of money and they got Memsahebog’s dash” – Nirmal Mechanic’s words raised a roll of laughter in the tea shop that day. These are from the beginning of Nitai

There was no interest in the matter. On the last day of filling the form, Nitai’s grandfather Radhacharan came to Nitai’s shop to take sweets. Radha comes to know that Nitai has not yet filled the DV lottery form. Radha is surprised to see Nitai’s so boldness. Almost everyone in the village fills this Telesmati lottery hoping for a change of luck

After doing it, Nitai is sitting there not doing the work so calmly that it doesn’t cross her mind.



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