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Cyclone Sitrang may hit the coast on Tuesday

Cyclone Sitrang is approaching. Due to this, the sky of Kolkata, India has been covered with clouds since Sunday morning.
The West Bengal Meteorological Department said that the low pressure over east-central Bay of Bengal will intensify into a deep depression on Sunday. News of Anandabazar newspaper.

After that, it will gather more strength in a few hours and become a cyclone on Monday. Which will be called ‘Sitrang’.

After forming a cyclonic storm over central Bay of Bengal on Monday, it will move along the north-northwest direction.
This cyclone will cross the coast of Bangladesh through Tinkona Island and Sandwip on Tuesday morning.

Due to this, light to moderate rain will start in various districts of South Bengal from Monday. Warning of heavy to very heavy rain has been issued in two 24 Parganas on Monday.

Heavy rain may occur in two Medinipur. However, light to moderate rain forecast has been issued in Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly and other districts of South Bengal.
A heavy rain warning has been issued in two 24 Parganas, Nadia on Tuesday. Light to moderate rain may occur over Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly, East Midnapore. A gust of wind will blow with the rain.

Gusty winds of 45 to 55 km per hour are expected in two 24 Parganas, East Medinipur on Monday. The maximum wind speed can be 65 km per hour.
Gusty winds will blow at 30-40 km per hour in Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly, West Medinipur. The maximum speed can be 50 km per hour. The maximum wind speed in Kolkata and adjoining areas is likely to reach 60 km per hour on Tuesday.

Gusty winds of 80 to 90 km per hour are likely to occur in two 24 Parganas on Tuesday. The maximum wind speed can be 100 km per hour. Wind speed of 60-70 km per hour may blow in East Medinipur. The maximum speed can be 80 km per hour. Fishermen have been banned from going into the sea till Tuesday.
The administration of India is active in dealing with the cyclone. Micking is being carried out in coastal areas of the country. It has been advised to stop ferry services in Sundarbans on Monday and Tuesday.

Tourists are prohibited from entering the sea in tourist centers like Digha, Mandarmani and Shankarpur in India.



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