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Do Need usa Insurance

Yes. As a tutor, you are susceptible to many different kinds of claims such as broken or stolen business equipment, client injuries, and clients not reaching their desired goal. These claims can often be expensive and could financially devastate your business. General and Professional Liability insurance can help mitigate or even eliminate those out-of-pocket costs.

The Ideal Private usa Insurance

The Ideal Private usa InsuranceInsurance Canopy offers a comprehensive combination of general and professional liability, creating the ideal protection against the risks your tutoring business faces. If you need more coverage, additional policy options are also available according to your business needs.

General Liability – Protects against third-party bodily injury and property damage claims arising from accidents involving your business. Common claims include students getting injured during a lesson or accidentally breaking something at your place of business.

Professional Liability – Protects against third-party negligence claims arising from your business operation. Common examples of claims include errors and omissions made during the teaching process or failure to help students achieve certain goals.

Need More Coverage?

Cyber Liability ($99) – Protects from first- and third-party claims arising from a cyber security breach within your business. Common claims include repairing or replacing compromised equipment, recovering lost data, and compensation for lost customer data.

Additional Insureds ($30) – Extends your coverage to rented spaces and other businesses where you might teach from the cost of accidents caused by your business. It is common practice for you to include these locations as an additional insured on your insurance policy.



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