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Drizzle under the influence of Cyclone Sitrang

The low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal has turned into a deep depression under the influence of Cyclone Sitrang. As a result of which, since Sunday (October 23) morning, it has been drizzling in various places including the coastal district of Bagerhat. Not seen today in the face of the sun.

Meanwhile, rain and wind speed are increasing as time progresses. An emergency meeting of the ‘District Disaster Management Committee’ was held this afternoon under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Azizur Rahman. However, unloading and loading of goods at Mongla Port is normal.

After investigation, it is known that Mongla, Sharankhola, Morelganj, Kachua, Rampal are all downazilas with drizzle since morning. Heavy rain has also been reported at some places. Common people are suffering in the neighborhoods of Mongla, Morelganj and Sharankhola Ferry and Kheyaghat.

According to the Meteorological Department, the low pressure over East-Central Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas has moved slightly northwestward and intensified. It is now staying in the same area in the form of a deep depression. The depression is located 775 km south of Mongla sea port. As a result, Mongla Samudraband has been asked to show signal number three.

Captain Shaheen Majid, Harbor Master of Mongla Port Authority, said that all operations of the port are normal. Necessary measures will be taken depending on the weather department’s signal increase and the situation. As of 6 am today, 14 merchant ships were in port. All are functioning normally.

Mongla Meteorological Office observer Shihab Kabir said that the sun did not rise today due to the influence of low pressure. Light rain since morning. Moderate to heavy rainfall is likely from morning on October 24 and 25. Due to the low pressure, there is a risk of two to three feet of water in the river above normal.




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