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Find High CPC Google AdSense Keywords review

What is CPC in blogging?

CPC is an acronym for Cost per Click associated with Keywords. This is the amount you will be paid by Google if your site gets clicks on these keywords.

What are the keywords in PPC?

Keywords are the foundation of blogging and PPC. Facially, a keyword is a word or set of words that people type in Google to know more about anything.

How do you find the CPC of a keyword?

You can easily find CPC of any keyword with the help of any keyword Research Tool like Semrush.

What are the highest CPC keywords?

Insurance, Loans, mortgage, attorney are some of the highest CPC keywords. But at the same time highly competitive.

How do I find high CPC keywords for bloggers?

One can easily find high CPC keywords using keyword research tools. Not only the CPC but you can find out so many metrics such as volume, keyword difficulty, etc. which helps you choose the right keywords.

Conclusion about finding high paying Google AdSense keywords (High CPC) in 2022
If you want to make more AdSense earnings, you need to find and use the right kind of keywords on your blog or website. Although finding high value AdSense keywords is not easy but using the tools like Semrush and Long Tail Pro, you can easily find out a lot of keyword ideas.

22 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Find High Paying (CPC) Google AdSense Keywords in 2022”
oware augustine

Thanks for the list. Must I be in a particular niche? What if I just run a general blog with each posts written around keywords with high CPC? Would it still work?

Anil! I’ve been following you for some time now. I just started my website and blog and I am reaching out to other bloggers to do a guest post. Over 50% ask for money to link back to your website.

This is so irritating. I am a freelance writer (I write about digital marketing), and the way I see it, a guest blogging should be an honor. You get a free, well-written article that you can publish.

As a blog editor, you reserve a right to remove any irrelevant links or to reject an article that doesn’t fit your audience or tone. But still, most of the blogs ask for money and pay little attention to the quality of linked content. It is so hard to find those that are honest.

Hi Anil,wonderful explanation there.I will try and utilise what i have learnt here in terms of increasing my earnings from Adsense,before i switch later to affiliate marketing which is also a profitable venture.

Satender Kumar
Insurance always on the top, but really it is very tough to write about Insurance. Can you suggest me some more keywords which are not in your list?

Anil Agarwal
Hi Satender, insurance, cards, loans, forex, real estate all these are really profitable keywords and can bring you a ton of earnings if you’re generating traffic in those niches.

Palla Sridhar
Good info to find high paying adsense keywords. But the analogy is that whatever tool we use, they show $CPC of high value. But even though you are ranking for such keywords, at the end if the user doesnt click the ads, you are not going to make money. I think both organic traffic and cpc should be looked upon at the same time. Conversion is also a difficult factor.

Anil Agarwal
Hi Palla, high paying keywords give you rewards in the long run and you need to make sure to pick only those keywords with better CPC and also has better conversions.

I want to know if I will use high cpc keyword. So will i get high cpc in india also

Hello Anil,

Is there any other way to find out high paying keywords without buying this software?


Anil Agarwal
Sourabh, you should invest some money in premium looks like SEMrush if you are serious about finding highly profitable keywords. You cannot find profitable and less competitive keywords with free tools as they are used by everyone.

Hii anil sir ,
Great research on high paying adsense keywords.but in starting we have to focus on long tail keywords.semrush and longtail pro is very useful for these keywords
thanks for sharing

Anil Agarwal
Hi Samrat, Yes SEMrush is great for finding long tail keywords. You also need to spy on your competitors if you really want to find profitable keywords that generate real money.

Ashok Kumar
Hi Anil.This is Excellent article. I personally using Semrush and found it quite effective in terms of searching good keywords.

Hi Anil,

Getting good income from Adsense is very difficult if you have less traffic to your blog, but if you target high CPC keywords in content then chances of earning money is very high but people are now concentrating more on affiliate marketing rather than Adsense, Long tail pro and SEMrush are good products to get the high CPC keyword, thanks for sharing the information.

Anil Agarwal
Yes, earning more from Adsense is really hard especially when you’re new to blogging and adsense as you need to find the right niche to attract high paying people to your site. Adsense is definiltey great for beginners who want to get started with making money from their sites but definitely not recommended as there are so many other alternative sites which you can find from here (https://bloggerspassion.com/google-adsense-alternatives/) that provide even better earnings.

Hii anil,
Great research on high paying adsense keywords.but in starting we have to focus on long tail keywords.semrush and longtail pro is very useful for these keywords
thanks for sharing.

Anil Agarwal
Yes, you need to focus on long tail keywords especially when you’re getting started. Just make sure to find those keywords that have popularity in your market. It also makes it easier to understand your customers and their unique needs. Remember that it’s not necessarily bringing the most visitors to your site as it is about bringing the right visitors to your site.

Vishwajeet Kumar
Excellent article Anil. I personally using Semrush and found it quite effective in terms of searching good keywords. I have also heard of long tail keyword pro but never try them out. just thinking of trying them out. Thanks again for this great post.

Anil Agarwal
Hi Vishwa, glad to hear that you’re using SEMrush, it’s the best tool for finding high paying adsense keywords. Just make sure to find your competitors high performing keywords using it and you can get more out of the tool.

Deepak Gera
Hi Anil, Nice post but I’ve some confusion here. If a keyword is having bid that means the keyword has nice search volume and having high competition. If competition is not high then bid value will be low. When we do long tail keyword research, our target is to find low competition keywords with high search volume. How we can get high bid words having low competition. Both are conflicting.

You getting me what I want to say here?

Anil Agarwal
Hi Deepak, that’s a great question. You always should target those keywords with low search volume instead of looking for other things. Also make sure to find high CPC low search volume keywords so you can rank easily for profitable adsense keywords.

Pankaj Dhawan
Hi Anil,

This was a great post but don’t you think we should rely more on Affiliate Marketing and less on Adsense or other CPCs. Just asking to check with you about your thoughts.

Anil Agarwal
Hi Pankaj, yes affiliate marketing is way better than adsense. You can show your audience what you want with affiliate marketing wherease Adsense gives you little choice regarding ads. And probably the best use of affiliate marketing is you can show your audience actual things you use and connect with them on a personal level as this will easily increase income through this source.



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