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Amlan leaves the house with the hope that if he leaves the house, he will find the house. No one in the world looks good because they cannot earn. Get up and sit down. Why not give? He is not a boy at all. Educated youth who passed B.A. Therefore, in order to protect his dignity, he takes all the certificates he has passed so far and goes on a long journey. the end

Earlier he tried tutoring. But there was no result. The teachers tell the students in advance to study privately with them. Moreover, most of the parents bring masters from outside and try to raise their sons and daughters by keeping them at home. For this reason, the object called Tushani is very rare for many people. Amlan Middle Finance

The character of the family is a tall man. Soft spoken and calm nature. But when he sees injustice, he is restless and reluctant to protest. Happy with the happiness of others. Sad because of others. He leaves for the city with a small amount of travel expenses to change his fortunes. Reached the city after a long journey. Rents a mess. Hire a rickshaw. Everyone in the mess is an educated youth with a rickshaw. So our hero’s sense of shame is easily removed. He happily bought a new rickshaw to drive the rented rickshaw. Even if you want to tutor

He does not step in the way. Because he knows that if he doesn’t get good results, the guardian of the city will expel the private tutor. There is no dearth of private masters in the city. There is no shortage of rickshaws. Only there is a lack of people to chase away the rickshaw pullers. So that’s the way

chooses It feels good to drive a rickshaw. Although at first it is a little difficult to recognize the streets of the city. Now everything is under his feet. independent work The income is abundant. How busy the city people are. Cars and horses are constantly coming and going. There are big buildings on all sides. industrial factory Best of all there is no one to beat. One day Amlan is standing at the rickshaw stand. such a time

An old rickshaw puller drops an arrogant man there. People don’t consider people as people because of pride of money. He gets down from the rickshaw and abuses the old man. As he was five minutes late in arriving, he quarreled with the old man and fifteen rupees from the fair fare

Pay less. But the rickshaw puller demanded the full amount. He says, baby, I am a poor person. Don’t let me down. Hearing the noise, everyone present including Amlan went ahead. But even if no one speaks for the old man, Amlan’s mouth is not shut. He says in a strong voice, don’t you think that ordinary people are people? Apologize to Anna for your misbehavior and be appropriate

pay rent If not, don’t leave here. No need to apologize. I have to pay my rent. The rickshaw puller says. Arrogant people throw money out of the pockets of silver inhumans. Amlan holding Agni Murti.

According to him, it takes a lot of hard work to earn money. Money is God’s wealth. People like you don’t respect money. Hand over the money politely. Without seeing any other option, the ruthless man left with the money. The hero returns home in the evening. He came and saw a brother lying in bed suffering from high fever. to him

After hearing all the details, immediately bring the medicine as per doctor’s advice. With fruits and food. The sick young man said, why did you spend money on me? I can’t repay the money. In Amlan’s words, hey don’t have to repay. you get well If I had a brother like you, could I not do anything for him? You are really the brother of helpless people. A young man with fever says.

The next morning, Amlan went out with a rickshaw. Just stand there, I’ll go. He stood up after hearing the words of a gentleman. He boarded the rickshaw with his wife informing about the specific destination. Looking at the English question paper as you go. Her only daughter’s higher secondary question. Watching and reading one or two lines. Amlan is noticing this. In a word, his

The pronunciation is wrong. You are wrong Kaku. It was not correct to say that. Amlan’s humble words. Gentlemen, yes slip of the tongue. But how do you feel baby? Then you are not lacking in education. I want to know everything about you. come to my house Amlan stopped the rickshaw near the house. The gentleman entered with him. He met only one daughter Anindita. Beautiful young woman. In the beauty of youth the unique sweetness of the all-rounded Jatsna light shines. A silent plea of pure love in the eyes. Pretty common. Usage is great.

After talking for a while, Anindita went to another room. The gentleman listens to Amlan’s words. After that roll, by God’s grace I have no lack of subject property. Lack of a son. That will preserve my wealth. I want to hand over my only daughter to an honest man like you. Amlan, I respect your proposal. But I’m home

I do not agree to have a son-in-law. You don’t have to think about that. You and ্‌your family will not be disgraced. I will arrange that. You will go to the village home with your parents and relatives and come here next week. No need to drive a rickshaw. Donate to a poor person. Anindita’s father says. Amlan comes home with a packet of sweets. What good news

Brother? Everyone in the mess is in one voice. If you meet a princess or not? I won’t say now. You will know in time. Going to the village for a week. Stay well everyone. So he left. Within a week the rich man bequeathed his subject property to Amlan. In due course the hero is the man of the house

Attended by relatives and friends of Mess. The whole house is resounding with the sound of auspicious wedding chants. All before giving daughter

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