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When I was young, I used to hear from teachers that if one digs a hundred and one graves, Allah will grant him free entry into Paradise. I cannot say what Allah has written in the Qur’an because I have not studied Arabic or have little knowledge of the Qur’anic Hadith. But it is true that Allah will surely give good things to those who dig graves. A man from childhood

I used to see, where people died, he used to reach there first with all the tools for digging graves. Together with everyone, he dug the grave and buried the shroud and then returned home. Everyone knew him by one name. Today it is very nice to see a work again, that is – a group of young boys have come together. They decide

If they find out where people will die in the community or outside the community, they will go to dig the grave. They are going to do this good work from today. When a Muslim dies, he is buried. Allah commanded us to do this and taught us through the Prophets. I got to know. The man who was young

I used to see graves being dug regularly, the day that man died, there were so many people in his funeral prayers that there was no precedent in two or four villages of that area. Allah must have presented one or two good people there along with everyone. With their prayers, he will definitely be a resident of Paradise. And lastly, those who are now grave diggers

I hope Allah will make them dwellers in paradise for doing this good work. There are some tasks in the country society that become duties, it is like compulsory work. If you do those things, people love you and the country is good for society, and most importantly, God loves you. Let us try to do those good deeds.

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