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How to airplane jet engine test

German Lufthansa engineers and mechanics often rely only on their own eyes and experience to inspect jet engines in detail to see if there are any cracks. There is no end to aviation in the sky

Only in Germany every year 2 million times a plane takes off or takes off from the sky It is a constant pressure for the planes too Regular checks are necessary to know if anything has gone wrong anywhere in the aircraft In Hamburg

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Lufthansa’s technology department means workshop Engineers and mechanics here open the engines of the jet aircraft and see if everything is okay inside Combustion chamber inside the engine; This is the part of the airplane, the flight

Time is the most stressful This ‘combustion chamber’ has to withstand temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Celsius, again for hours on end. If something goes wrong here, the whole engine can shut down On the other hand, this is very valuable

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Parts cannot be changed arbitrarily So if the mechanics repair the damage it saves a lot This is why mechanics check every part of the engine See if something is broken somewhere On their experience

The safety of air passengers will depend on it Dr. Reinhold Lender said, “The discovery of a hairline crack or crack in metal has led to many attempts to replace humans with machines. But is it a crack, or a scratch, or a scratch?

An uneven part of the surface is very difficult for a machine or a computer program to determine “People can decide much more efficiently, whether it’s a crack or not.”

Search for the smallest cracks That’s why every part is sprayed with fluorescent – meaning light emitting oil This oil is so thin that it seeps into even the tiniest of cracks After the oil is washed off, its fibers remain in the cracks

remains, resulting in a crack Engineers and mechanics want to know good hand work In a special training program they are taught that work stress and fatigue can reduce the quality of their work Sherlock again

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Holmes then begins the work of Sherlock Holmes The surface of the combustion chamber is examined under UV light for any traces of fluorescent oil. Look at millimeter by millimeter, only hope

Own eyes and many years of experience Those who work here have a lot of responsibility Dr. “If there’s an accident somewhere, or if something goes wrong with an airplane engine, we feel it,” said Reinhold Lender. all

Colleagues think, it did not happen because of my mistake? In that case, I think everyone knows very well what their responsibilities are.

Look clearly If traces of color remain after that, he can be assumed to have found a crack Immediately mark the crack with red color This work requires maximum concentration Every 50 minutes there is a staff break



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