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It has been revealed who will be appointed as the head coach of the T20 team until the 2024 World Cup

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has accepted the resignation of national team coach Russell Domingo. Domingo sent his resignation letter to BCB on Tuesday. As a result, the national

The process of finding a new coach for the team has officially started. However, Jalal Yunus confirmed that Sriram is returning to the T20 team. he said

“Sriram is coming again, it is kind of final. He will be there for the series against England in March, pretty much guaranteed. He will be mainly for T20. More after he arrives

We can talk about something. I hope the new head coach will come by then. After sitting with Sriram about him, we will have to coordinate the responsibilities of who will work and how.” Last August

Sriram was contracted till the T20 World Cup. In the new contract, he can be kept until the 2024 T20 World Cup. A new head coach is being sought

Jalal Yunus said that Test and ODI teams will be brought in consideration. Also to manage the overall coaching system and take the country’s cricket forward

Jalal Yunus said that the board is thinking of appointing a performance manager to plan. Looking for someone suitable for this role.



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