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Just found: Children’s love also lost to alienation

Salma Khatun (34) of Sidhuli village of Dharabarisha union of Gurdaspur upazila of Natore fled again after three months after returning to her children. On October 20, 2022, interest trader Abu

Parokiya ran away with Samha and got married. Abu Samha kept the housewife hidden in different places for the last three months. Various online and social media about the matter

There has been widespread criticism of the news in the print media. According to local sources, the housewife and Abu Samha have been secretly living together for three months. Then last December 20, 2022, the housewives returned with their children

4 days later on Saturday 24th December, Abu Samha was divorced. But on Sunday, December 25, the housewife ran away with her estranged lover, leaving behind three sons. Children Sabbir, Samiul, Shahadat also lost their love

To the stranger. Meanwhile, Kamal Hossain, the father of three children of the housewife, said that on December 20, Salma came back to pull my children and promised to marry me again.

Divorced Abu Samha by buying a mobile phone with money. But the next day he went back to Abu Samha. They are committing adultery by living together without marriage. This is cheating

Kamal Hossain sought the intervention of the society and the administration to seek a fair trial for the housewife and Abu Samha for adultery. If you want to know about this, housewife Salma Khatun

He said, I divorced Abu Samha on December 24 under Kamal’s pressure and married Abu Samha again the next day. But they are reluctant to show any information about the marriage. On the other hand, Parokiya’s lover Abu Samha said, I am

If I committed adultery now, Kalam also committed adultery by keeping my second wife Salma in her house for the last four days. Officer in charge of Gurdaspur police station. Abdul Matin said that no complaint was received in this regard.



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