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Lionel Messi apologized to the fans

It has been ten days since he became the champion. Lionel Messi is at the end of the Qatar World Cup chapter. The festive mood is still not over in Argentina. Many players have already joined the club’s camp. But Lionel Messi is from PSG

Asked for extra leave. Leo spent Christmas this year in Rosario. Will spend the new year there. The country’s biggest football star won the World Cup at his birthplace

What happens when the fans don’t crowd! Messi is giving the fans as much time as he can. But he also has a personal life, family and friends. That is why Leo is not always able to meet the demands of fans. He is so

Apologized to Rosario’s fans, “We salute all of Rosario.” The love you have always shown us, especially winning the World Cup

Thank you for it after returning. Please forgive us, we could not share the moment of victory with all of you, because we also have family, friends. All for these reasons

Time becomes difficult. Fans surround Messi and his wife on the streets of Rosario. Almost half a million fans are on the streets of the capital Buenos Aires after Lionel Messi’s return from winning the World Cup

The local media claims that he came down. The players were parading in an open-top bus on that road. But from there due to the lack of cars in the crowd of fans

The players were evacuated by helicopter. Then Messi, Di Maria returned to his childhood hometown of Rosario. There they also tried to celebrate the victory with the fans.



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