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Long lines of commuters on winter mornings

After a long wait, the country’s first metro rail has officially started its journey, much desired by the citizens of the capital. On Thursday (December 29) at 8 am, the first train leaves the capital’s Uttara Diabari station for Agaongao.

comes out A long queue of thousands of people was seen below the Uttara Uttara station on the first morning of its opening. People have been queuing since dawn on a winter morning to ride the Metrorail for the first time. Overcrowding of people

The metro rail authority has entered the station at a slow speed under control. As a result, the number of passengers waiting outside the station and the queues have grown over time. Initially, 10 sets of six-compartment trains will run from Uttara to Agargaon

will do Trains will run slowly on this route for now. At this stage, the train will run from 8 ্‌am to 12 pm. Later the running time will be extended and the number of trains will be increased according to the demand. Every half when the metro rail is fully operational

A train will run every three minutes. Sabbir Rahman came with his family to go to Agargaon by metro rail for the first time. He said that it was expected that there would be a lot of crowd on the first day. But come and see a lot more than expected

passenger today The line goes on, it’s gone too far. As time goes by, the number of ্‌people increases. But 20/30 passengers are allowed to enter after a long time. As a result, there is a huge crowd outside the station. On the other hand

Emran Ali and his friends came to ride the metro rail for the first time from Rajlaxmi area of Uttara. Emran Ali said, I knew there would be a huge crowd on the first day. Still came, here is a long line, but to call this wait a sweet wait

will be Because we have come to the advantage of metrorail like other countries. This is the present government’s gift to the common man. We are also happy, but there is a problem with ticketing on the first day, so still most of the passengers

Have to wait outside. Arifur Rahman, Assistant Engineer in charge of Uttara North Station, said that it takes some time to understand and understand people about the metro process. Collecting tickets after entering is very easy

Moving slowly. Because not all people know about it, are not used to it. That is why this delay is happening. This is mainly due to slowness in maintaining discipline. It will take two to one day to resolve. It should be noted that Diabari is in Uttarar of the capital

Metrorail line is being constructed from 20 km to Motijheel. The section from Uttara to Agargaon, whose length is 11.73 km, was inaugurated yesterday. For the time being, the metro rail will run from Uttara to Agargaon without any stoppage at intermediate stations.



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