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Metrorail will be closed once a week

Air-conditioned metro rail will run for the first time from Diabari in Uttara to Agargaon section from tomorrow Thursday. It takes only 10 minutes and 10 seconds to reach the congested capital in just 12 kilometers by air-railway

People will come from Uttara to Agargaon. However, initially, the metro rail will run on a limited basis, from 8 am to 12 pm. Trains will run every 10 minutes, somewhere in between

won’t stop Metrorail will be closed every Tuesday for now. On Wednesday (December 28), the inauguration plaque of the metro rail was unveiled at the Sector 15 ground of Uttara in the capital.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Various media including Bangladesh Television (BTV) broadcast the inauguration ceremony live. Uttara-Agargaon on this route from March 26

Metrorail will run in full on the route. When the movement starts in full swing, it will continue from dawn to 12 midnight. Step-by-step route for passengers to get used to

The journey will halt at seven stations for passenger transfer. It will take 17 minutes. 10 minutes of break in between. Although the maximum capacity of the train is 2 thousand 308 people, it will run with 200 passengers for now. December 2023

The metro rail will run from Motijheel to Motijheel in 2025 and from Motijheel to Kamalapur in 2025. It takes 38 minutes to reach Motijheel from Uttara. 60 thousand per hour i.e. 5 lakh passengers per day can travel on metro rail.



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