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Miraj revealed his biggest dream in the new year

The Bangladesh team’s ODI and Test series against India has just ended. While India lost the Test series with a margin of 0-2, they won the ODI series with a margin of 2-1

Bangladesh team has taken. And Tiger all-rounder Mehdi Hasan Miraj gave an eye-catching performance with the bat and ball throughout the series. 1 from the edge of the abyss in the first ODI

Mirage won by a wicket. Then he scored his first career ODI century in the second ODI. Mirage scored 153 runs after playing two match-winning innings throughout the series

Took 4 wickets. However, despite not being able to shine with the bat in the Test series, the Indian batsmen took 11 wickets. Bangladesh at this end of the current year.

Mehdi Miraj is now spending time with her family as the team has no games. Miraj was found on the phone in such a condition on Tuesday winter morning. Latest India series with Dhaka Post and next year

The Tigers’ star all-rounder spoke about World Cup cricket. At the start, Miraj said, “Of course, I feel very good, such a series with India.”

It is a great find for me. Especially with the ODI series gone. After that, in the last test, I won and lost. Of course it’s my career

will take another step forward.’Miraj is currently number three in the list of all-rounders in ODIs. At the same time, Shakib Al Hasan is at the top. Two Tigers cricketers at the same time

Miraj said about the joy of being in the top three, “It’s definitely something to feel good about.” You can say big find. But it should not stop here, it has to be better, it has to be taken to a better place.

It’s just the beginning, we have to move forward from here and maintain consistency.’ Mehdi Mirage has shone with the bat in the ODI series against India. Although such an innings

Thinking that mental strength is very important in the game, Miraj said, ‘Mental work was very important for everything. I definitely have the mental skills, I believe. That too

I worked But mental work is also very important. Most importantly, when I was given the opportunity to bat at the top in T20s, I worked hard, practiced, at home and abroad.

Then it helped me a lot and it worked.’Have you worked with anyone separately to improve your batting? In response to such a question, however, Miraj said,

“Of course Jamie Siddons, who is the batting coach of ্‌the national team, has worked with me.” It’s the end of 2022, and it’s December. But what about the new year?

Mirage has a plan, ‘I don’t have any plans for the new year. What is there must be improved. The World Cup is ahead, we have to play well on the World Cup stage.

For him, he has to play well from now on. As the 2023 ODI World Cup will be held in Bangladesh’s neighboring country, India. If everything is known, what is the first goal for you? Miraj said, ‘Ours

The first goal will be to be in the top four. Answering the question whether there is a dream of the final, Miraz said, “If we are in the top four, inshallah, of course then we will be able to play in the final.” We are capable, we are the same ্‌team as the finals.



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