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Mukesh will treat his mother with IPL money

Ever since I was young, I dreamed of becoming a cricketer. But in a country like India, it is not an easy matter to go through many stages and reach the national level. Even getting a team in IPL is difficult. That difficult task becomes easy

In the life of Mukesh Kumar. This Indian pacer, who played for the Indian ‘A’ team in Bangladesh at the beginning of December, got a team in the upcoming IPL. Mukesh was signed by Delhi Capitals for Rs 5.5 crore. 29 years

It is a big thing to get such a price in the first opportunity in the IPL at that age. He was also called up to India’s ODI squad against South Africa in September. But did not get a chance to play. This time so much money

What to do with Mukesh? He said that he will save money for the treatment of his sick mother. Mukesh’s mother has a lung infection. He will use this money if an emergency surgery is needed. Birth of Mukesh

In Bihar He moved to Kolkata 10 years ago for the need of livelihood. Dad used to drive taxi and Mukesh played cricket. At one point he got a chance in the Ranji Trophy team. Then he got a call to the national team. Got it now

In the IPL. But Mukesh’s father could not see any of these things. He died of illness three years ago. At that time, Mukesh did not have the opportunity to spend much money on his father’s treatment. So save IPL money for mother.



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