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A: A video that has more than 400,000 views in one hour is full of pornography, obscenity or the like. On the contrary, a good video in a day

It doesn’t get millions of views, but it contains an instructive case of human social degradation which does nothing but benefit. We Bengalis have lost our taste and understanding.

Two: Somewhere when Deen is discussed, Qur’anic Hadith is preached, when a commentator expounds Qur’an/Hadith in his melodious voice at midnight, it becomes difficult to find hundreds of people in Pendle. However

There is no lack of people listening to the dance songs of Baldmarka Abul made up of fabrications and falsehoods. We are Muslims! Our understanding and conscience are about to disappear. Where are we going?

3: The disabled beggar who walks on the street and addresses a low-class man as Sir / Saheb asks for two rupees to save his life, then Sir / Saheb listen to the man in worn-out clothes is also a gentleman and pretends to be a big man.

Go now, I don’t have any retail money. But that man without retail went to the tea shop and bought a pack of Banchan cigarettes with a retail price of 14 ৳ and blew that money into smoke like the villain of the film. Hi Vivek, where has humanity fled in this web of irregularities and lies?

4: In earlier times, when a woman walking on the road (mother, sister, daughter, wife) would cross, the men would fall in front of them, they would quickly pull their clothes over their faces and hide themselves in shame and go ahead of him on the road.

stood on the edge And now in this era, when women go out on the streets wearing expensive burqas for marketing, it seems as if some foreign non-Muslim meme is walking around in high heels pretending to show off their beauty, but their

Blindfolded eyes and the eyes of the men walking on the road with sticks. Hi my forehead, what else should I see at this age of 30?


grave digger

good luck


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