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Sohan Chowdhury leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes. It has been almost three months since he joined this institution. Yet repeatedly failing to do things his way. But is he walking on any wrong path? He is everything here. His words are like a command to everyone. etc., muttering, “No, no

I must not be gentle. If you can’t keep your subordinates on track, you won’t be able to strengthen your position. Moreover, all those who are working here have signed their talents in their respective branches. If I give them up, my own weakness may be exposed to them. So whatever anyone says, I have to be tough.” In the meantime, Julie Ma’am quietly entered her room. Seeing the sir muttering alone, Khushkhus Keshe said,

– Sir, are you saying something? Sohan Chowdhury sat up straight and observed Julie ma’am in awe. It is true that the age has passed forty-five but still there is no trace of old age in the body. It seems that sixteen virgins are sitting in front of the eyes. Different from everyone else. Since coming to this institution, Julie Ma’am has captured his heart. So when they get a little time, the two of them indulge in good stories

got up Julie Mam is working as Assistant Manager. He is not in a position to evade his work. Many people say that he does not understand his work. He just sits in his room with his arms and legs folded. And read with the mobile phone for hours. Everyone from common workers to senior officials in the organization knows it. But as if by the force of invisible forces, he has kept his position.

After being silent for a while, Sohan Chowdhury gave a sigh and said,
– Nothing feels good.
– Why, what happened, sir?
– It has been almost three months since I came here. But everything is still not under my control. Everywhere I go I find the scent of protest. But there is no such thing as defeat in my dictionary. I win even if I don’t know how to insist. But — .
– You will win. No one has the right to speak on your words here.
– That’s right. Still—.
– Sir, you are just thinking.
– Maybe you are right. Anyway, how about you? I don’t blink when I look at you these days. You are truly amazing.
Ma’am Julie blushed shyly and said in a low voice,
– Sir, you are exaggerating.
– I’m not lying at all. Indeed God has made you with His own sweetness. Maybe that’s why I found you so different.
– Sir, speak slowly, the wall also has ears.
– All right. Can you tell me why I don’t sleep these days?
– This is called spiritual tension. This is happening to me lately. But — .
– But what again?
– No, I mean, thinking about our family. i have family yours too Everything cannot be done even if the mind wants to.
– Everything can be done if you have a mind. Rather, I’m quite worried about you. Because no one

Don’t look at us with suspicion. We can make love together. I never dreamed that I would get such an opportunity at this age. We will eat while the bill will rise in the name of another person! What a great idea!

Sohan Chowdhury laughed at this.
– Sir, put a rein on your mouth, otherwise Laili Majnoor’s love story will be rotted on everyone’s lips.
Julie Ma’am said worriedly.
– Rotle Rotuk. I am not afraid of anyone.
– Don’t be afraid here but think of our superiors.
– Seniors don’t have time to think about these things. Anyway let us visit the factory.
– Yes, let’s go.

Sohan Chowdhury fixed his neck tie and left the room. Julie Ma’am is also walking behind him.
The entire factory is silent. Everyone is their own

Busy at work. Many looked at Sohan Chowdhury and Julie Ma’am with crooked eyes and looked away again. Floor insurgent Sirajul came two steps forward and listened to supervisor Monwar
began to say

– Look, two people are coming here. Even at this age, they are still afraid. Manoar bhai, take a good look, the two of them have come messing with the dress today.
Monyar folded his forehead and said,

– What a mess! I hear different things about them from the nanny of the organization. I say what their ears do not go?

– How to go! How everyone is kept on the run. Nothing can be said. If you say something, write your name on the blacklist. Later, when he realizes the opportunity, he collects the interest. Stay bro, that’s their business. We do not want to witness such sins.

Saying this, looking outside, Julie Ma’am’s eyes fell. Sirajul quickly lowered his eyes and got busy with work. Seeing Sirajul like this, Julie thought to herself,
– What is the boy thinking about us again? And for quite some time he was whispering to

another boy. They look like they are talking to us suspiciously. Anyway, they should be brought under a proper system. Otherwise, the rot may bite the snail’s leg.
Sohan Chowdhury was suddenly disappointed not to have Julie Ma’am by his side for a moment. He looked back and let out a sigh of relief. By that time, Julie Ma’am came and stood beside him.

Sohan Chowdhury asked,
– Why did you fall behind?
– No, I noticed one thing.
– Something important?
– Yes, sir. I will tell you in the room.
– Well, let’s go then.

After a while they came to Sohan Chowdhury’s room and sat again. Julie Ma’am gave some information about Sirajul which made Sohan Chowdhury start sweating instantly. Julie Ma’am said again,
– Sir, you must be very tensed.
– Yes, if what you say is true, it will be very difficult for us to survive.
So I am saying sir, can he be sacked by giving any reason before everything spreads around.
– Your idea is great.

Meanwhile, Julie Ma’am smiled sweetly at Sohan Chowdhury and said,
– Sir, I will come soon.
– Where will you go?
– In my room.
– Is there any urgent work?
– No, still the one who is with you and has not separated. There are nanny and peon outside.

– What happened to it? They are guarding us.
– No, sir, at times they may also cause trouble for us. So be careful in advance.
– Suddenly saying this! Do you suspect any of them?
– I doubt everyone in this organization.
– That’s what a thief thinks is the police.
Saying this, Julie Ma’am burst into laughter and said,
– Sir, I will go then.

– Tell me no matter what. I will die if you don’t come.
The two looked into each other’s eyes and laughed softly together. Then Julie Ma’am left the room.


The next day Sohan Chowdhury made adverse comments about Sirajul to the factory owner. Factory owner Barik Majumdar heard these words and said in a commanding tone,

– I don’t want to see such a mess in my organization. Get them out of the factory soon. Remember, you are taking care of the organization in my absence. So I will have no inhibitions in taking any decision that is good for the organization.
– Yes, sir. I am doing so.

After coming out of the factory owner’s room, Sohan Chowdhury entered his room happily. Heaving a sigh of relief after turning off the AC, he said,
– Let’s go, saved. He can be taken out tomorrow.
– Sir, who are you talking about?
Suddenly hearing the voice of Julie ma’am, Sohan Chowdhury raised his eyes and said,
– You! I didn’t even notice when it came.
– Right after you.
– Oh! ok Anyway, talking about Sirajul. I have spoken to the factory owner about him. Not only he, but allowed to take decisions about anyone under me.
– That means we are going to fire him!
– Yes, and that’s tomorrow.
– Thank you, sir.

– From now on you will be careful who opens up about our relationship. If caught, they will be fired.
– Yes, sir.
Suddenly Sohan Chowdhury stood up from the chair. Julie Ma’am also stood up. Then he entered the washroom by pointing his hand to sit down. Julie Ma’am is sitting alone. Peon guards Mubarak from outside. Factory activities are also going on as usual. After a while Sohan Chowdhury came out and looked at Julie Ma’am with steady eyes and said,

– But I haven’t found anyone like you. You can too.
– Sir, what do you say! You are a skilled player. Once he catches your eye, he will have no choice but to surrender himself. As I found it.
Sohan Chowdhury laughed and said,
– Well, you had something to say.
– Tell me, sir.
– The establishment will be closed on the occasion of the coming ‘May Day’. If you don’t mind, let’s go somewhere.

Julie Ma’am began to say with a frown on her forehead.
– No, I mean sir, what was I saying – my office will also be closed on that day.
– What’s the problem with that?
– What will I say to him?
– Say factory manager sir has given urgent meeting to our senior officials.
– So even on holidays!
– Everything is possible in private institutions. Explain.
– So where to go?
– You will come straight to Patenga Beach around 4 PM. I will wait for you there.

– Well, sir.
– Do one thing, ma’am, visit the whole factory.
– Sir, what will I see my superiors?
– Yes, as long as I am there, you will have authority over everyone in this institution.
– As long as I mean?
– I already said.
– Oh! ok
Saying this, Julie Ma’am left for the factory visit.


Friday Since morning, the road has been flooded with laboring people. As time goes on, the traffic of people in the Sea Beach area is increasing. It’s only five minutes to four in the afternoon. The morning sun has gone far to the west. The soft afternoon light falling on the sea water created an undying calm. Sohan Chowdhury is looking at the distant sky. From behind, Julie Ma’am said softly,

– Assalamu Alaikum, Sir.
Sohan Chowdhury turned back and replied with hope,
– Walaikum Assalam, then you have come.
He suddenly looked at the watch and said,
– Arrived at exactly the right time.
– Thank you, sir. What were you doing so long, sir?

– I was looking at the wonderful beauty of the afternoon when the soft light of the distant sky mixed with the sea water. I could not understand its real beauty in my indifferent mind for so long.
– Why, sir?

– Even though my eyes were there, the intuition was on you. when will you come Bless me heart to heart.
– Sir, is there anyone else with you?
– No, I came alone.
– Did not bring the car?

– I brought I have sent the driver. It will come if you call when it’s time to go. Did anyone else come with you?
– No, I came alone.
– Then it’s good.
– I mean!
– And nothing. Let’s go somewhere and sit quietly.
– Yes, but where can you find a quiet place here! People and people all around. As it is Friday, the number of working people has decreased. Our factory workers can also come. If someone sees it, there will be nothing called respectable.
– You are right. Let’s go to the board club. The environment there is very beautiful now. Your mind will be better.

– I do not understand, sir.
Sohan Chowdhury saw Julie ma’am worried and said,
– What are you afraid of?
– No, what do you say!
– Oh no fear. Benefits for me means the Board Club has special benefits for us military members. You will understand it when you go there.
– Oh! This is it.

After that, Sohan Chowdhury moved towards Board Club with Julie Ma’am. Meanwhile, the waiter came and said slowly,
– Sir, would you like to order something?
Sohan Chowdhury asked Julie ma’am,
– What to order?
– Something light will do. With ice cream.
– And who?

Sohan Chowdhury ordered the waiter and started chatting with Julie Ma’am again. Seeing a huge ship passing by, both of them looked towards it. The scenery beyond through the glass walls is very impressive. A number of small and large ships are coming and going in the wobbly waters of the river. In the dim light of the autumn afternoon, the sky and the water of the cornflowers seem to be giving a wave of happiness to the minds of the people who come.

Meanwhile the waiter appeared with breakfast.
Sohan Chowdhury handed the breakfast towards Julie Ma’am and said,
– Begin, ma’am.
– Yes, sir, take it too.
– And who?
Before finishing breakfast, Julie ma’am’s phone rang. As soon as I said “hello” close to my ear, a voice came from the other side.
– Madam, Sir has had an accident. You come home soon.
Sohan Chowdhury, seeing the uneasiness of Julie Ma’am, eagerly asked,
– Madam, any major problem?
Julie Ma’am said in a frustrated voice.
– Yes, sir, I have to leave immediately. Did my sir have an accident?

Julie Ma’am shed tears while saying this. Sohan Chowdhury consoled him and called the driver. After paying the bill, Julie left for Ma’am’s house. Two people got out of the car in front of the house. Julie Ma’am said in a busy voice.

– Then I come, sir.
– I will come too. I went to see him.
Julie Ma’am looked at her watch and said,
– It is seven thirty in the evening. If you see us together, you may suspect.
– No, don’t doubt it. Let’s say we were in an urgent meeting. I came to see about his accident. This will create opportunity to come and go home later.
Julie said with a soft smile on her sad lips.
– Sir, you can! come with me

Sohan Chowdhury also entered the flat with Julie Ma’am. Julie Ma’am ran and hugged her husband and started crying. From the side, Sohan Chowdhury consoled him and asked him to stop. At that time, Katar Humayun Abid looked at everyone with tired eyes.

– Don’t cry, Julie. Nothing serious happened to me. Pray to Allah. And yes, who is he?
Sohan looked at Chowdhury and said.
Julie Ma’am pointed to Sohan Chowdhury and said,
– He is the manager of our factory, sir.
– Sohan Chowdhury!
– Yes.

– Oh! ok Take him to the guest room and give him breakfast.
Julie Ma’am’s chest was filled with such words from her husband’s face. “But he knows everything! Or already asked for hospitality.” Sohan looked into Chowdhury’s eyes and said,
– Sir, come with me.

Sohan Chowdhury followed Julie ma’am and sat in the guest room. Then he said,
– What did he say to you when he saw me after regaining consciousness? I didn’t understand anything.
– Asked about you. You have been asked to have breakfast in the guest room. I was very afraid of his words. And never said like that.

– I have never come to your house. stay that I won’t eat breakfast now. It’s like 8:30 p.m. I have to go out now.
– All right.

Then Sohan Chowdhury again came to Humayun Abid along with Julie Ma’am. Seeing Humayun Abid sleepy, he bids farewell to Julie Ma’am and calls the driver.


Sohan Chowdhury sat comfortably behind the car. The car is moving fast to the destination. All around the lights of different colors are burning. Car after car, people after people are running towards the destination. Crowd of people on the sidewalk. Sohan Chowdhury looked out of the glass and saw no one on the busy road. Everyone is moving forward. The car came to a sudden halt at the Dewan Hat intersection. Sohan Chowdhury leaned forward from the seat. Getting a hold of himself, he said worriedly,

– What happened, Monir? Why did the car suddenly stop?
– Sir, crowd of people in front. You sit down, I’ll take a look.
– Well, come back soon.
– Yes, sir.

After a while Monir got mixed in the crowd. A young man stands helpless. There are no tears in the eyes but the disappointment of the world in the eyes. Hands on both sides. Two beautiful young girls are pulling Dedarse. A few buttons on the top of the shirt are also torn. No one is coming forward. Only a few people from a distance are asking the girls to leave the boy. Who listens to whom? Monir came back and sat in the car after hearing the talk of the people around. Sohan Chowdhury looked curiously from the back seat and said,

– What happened there, Monir?
– Sir, a man is being dragged by two girls. One is his wife. Another lover.
– No one is giving up?
– No, sir. They are very reckless.
– Well, turn the car around.
– Yes, sir, I do.
Moni turned the car on the alternative road and started moving forward.
As there was no jam on the road, Sohan Chowdhury reached home in a short while and called Julie Ma’am’s number on reaching home.

– Mem, I just arrived home. What is the condition of Mr. Abid now?
– Still sleeping. Some time ago came fever with chills. I was very stressed, sir. After wiping the body well including the head, he is now asleep. Is there anyone in front of you now?
– No, I’m alone.
– Where is madam?
– Maybe lying in bed. What happens when you get sick?
– mean sick?

– And yes, you have not been told that your madam has been paralyzed for almost five years from today. We both live in two rooms. He calls me when he needs. He doesn’t interfere with anything.
– Then you are safe from this side. As many obstacles have come to my neck.
Why are you saying this suddenly?

– What else can I say. You men society don’t want to understand how hard we women go through day to day.
Sohan Chowdhury laughed loudly from the other side.
Julie Ma’am was surprised and said,
– Sir, I said something funny! He smiled like this.
Sohan Chowdhury said with a smile.
– I laughed in ecstasy. This is the first time you have addressed me as you.
– What do you say, sir!
– Yes, I said it right. I enjoyed what you had to say. I will be happy if you do from now on.
– All right. But now you are addressing me as you. Reforms should be from both sides.

– Of course. So the night is long. I am leaving the phone today. Be well, darling.
– You too stay well. Allah is Hafez.


One day Sirajul was called to Sohan Chowdhury’s room. Julie Ma’am is sitting in the chair next to her with a natural attitude. Sirajul greeted as soon as he entered the room. Sohan Chowdhury took a look at Sirajul and said,
– Then your name is Sirajul!

– Yes sir.
– For a long time, this name was repeatedly heard.
– Sir!
– Yes, this letter came as a reward for you.
– What’s the reward, sir?
– Letter of exemption from employment. reward for performance. How many years have you worked here?
– Sir, what crime have I committed? Why will I be fired?

– What did you say? You have started grouping among factory workers. Which came to the attention of the authorities and the decision was made. Look here is three months salary. Walk straight out of the establishment without further ado.
– Sir, I have not committed any crime. If I had done such a thing, I would have been warned. It was not done, sir. I am being unfairly fired. I will go to the owner. I want justice.
Saying this, Sirajul started crying with tears in his eyes.
Sohan Chowdhury said in a threatening voice,

– It will not be useful to say those things here. I will see how you can get the rest of your dues when you go to the owner.
– Sir, you can’t do that. What harm have I done to you! Sir, what I get from this job, my family expenses are taken care of. If I lose this job, it will be impossible for me to survive. Please sir, forgive me.
Saying this, Sirajul started walking towards Sohan Chowdhury’s feet. Sohan Chowdhury stood up from the chair and said loudly,
– Stay away from this. Why are you coming here? There will be no benefit from crying like this. Leave the institution immediately.
Sirajul wiped his tears with both hands and said,

– Sir, I am leaving. One day you will surely get the result of the wrong you have done to me. I’m leaving right. But maybe I will come back again. And yes, no one ever gets away with hurting someone. You won’t either. You will soon suffer the consequences of your sins. The curse of this poor man will lose respect.
Saying these words, Sirajul left the institution.

Since Sirajul’s departure, many others have followed his path. In the meantime, their number has reached thirty. One day they united and went to the factory owner Barik Majumdar. They complained that they were unfairly dismissed from their jobs. Besides, Sohan Chowdhury and Julie described Ma’am’s misdeeds.

Barik Majumdar went to the temple after reading the charge sheet. He thought to himself, but the current condition of my factory is very similar to their words. Production has also decreased since the new factory manager Sohan Chowdhury was appointed. If this continues, it will cause serious damage to the factory. I need to address this now. Then he said to everyone,

– You have worked in my factory for a long time. Maybe my factory improved day by day because everyone was sincere in their work. But since the appointment of a new factory manager, the losses are increasing day by day. Thank you very much. If what you say is true, I will certainly leave it with a prescription. And yes, none of you will be disappointed. I will knock you soon. Everyone was happy with the words of the factory owner and went to their respective destinations after saluting him.

Barik Majumdar appointed a special person to check the overall condition of the factory for a week. After getting the facts of all the misdeeds of Sohan Chowdhury and Julie Ma’am, he reached the final decision. Factory operations resumed with the dismissal of Sohan Chowdhury, warning notices to Julie Ma’am and reinstatement of the sacked dedicated workers of the factory. Sohan Chowdhury became very worried after losing his job after only eight months. In front of his eyes, those jobless workers including Sirajul regained their factory jobs.

After Sohan Chowdhury left, Julie Ma’am was once again alone in the factory. Days go by, months come. New year is coming. Along with that comes the new factory manager. But he is not like Sohan Chowdhury. The new manager is not willing to give her the minimum discount because she already knows everything about Julie Ma’am.
In the late afternoon Julie Ma’am became very lonely. Someone like Sohan Chowdhury may come soon. Adopt him.
Julie Ma’am is eagerly waiting for such an expectation.



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