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The sun had not yet risen at Kalirghat pasture. The time has passed but the sun is not visible. The sky is dark. The sea was a bit rough as a sign of a cyclone. A head plays hide and seek with the waves half a kilometer from Char. That head belongs to Bashir Miar. One wave after another is crashing like a cloud-covered mountain. In the midst of that wave

Bashir threw the net in the morning. There are eight others with him. Everyone is Kamla. They are pulling the rope. He didn’t want to cheat today. Yesterday also caught fish till midnight in Barashi. Because of his wife Hamida Banu, the net has to be cast in the rough sea. Banu’s stomach is sore. After taking homeopathic and herbal medicine I felt a little better but now it is too much. Abid from next door said,

“Aunty, you have an ulcer.” Find a good doctor.
-‘Father, what’s the ulcer?’
“Aunty, it’s a ্‌stomach ulcer, it can cause cancer.” get treatment fast
Abid is good at studies and cannot ignore his words.

Banu will be taken to Sadar Hospital today. Need a lot of money. Bashir cannot expect money from anything other than fish. His wealth is the fishing net. Siddique had to borrow twenty thousand rupees from the member to buy this fake. This money was given by Siddique Member for the publicity of the vote. 10,000 paid will get 10,000 more. The member is the man

not right When it’s nineteen twenty, he sits asking for money. The net feels heavy today. It seems that the fish is quite stuck. Banu girl is lucky. Bashir’s fortunes have opened up since he came into his life. About the week after the wedding. When everyone was disappointed about not getting any fish, a huge and heavy hilsa was caught in Bashir’s net. Even today it seems to be in his net for Banu

Crowded with fish. Lucky, there is only one sorrow in the life of this banu with feet like the moon; He is childless. Many treatments have been done. People even adopted a son. How much love Banu cares for the boy! Banu understands the pain of Bashir’s desire for a child. One day she stroked her husband’s hair and said-

-‘Toare hoilam arogga bia goro. Ai ebare not satin, chodo boiner nan chaiyum. Tui-t anr hata na-onr!’
“You know how to be more.” Arogga bia goro, yes!’

– Yes, what! Ai miille bia na-gariba! Five days were not enough. I know now. Fence people can live without love but Maia Mines can’t live without body. Anr Rog Aye Aeneo Moijjum, Tahan Bia Gaijj.’
Bashir’s eyes widened, then he walked out.

‘Banure azia bhala ugga doctor dehan parib’ – mumbles Bashir. He is happy to see the net heavy. If you get like twenty kilos, you will get ten thousand rupees. A lot of expenses in Sadar Hospital. Amidst these thoughts, his face suddenly darkened. If Fazal uncle comes with the net! His face turned black as he thought about it. Fazal Kader

fishmonger Buy wholesale from fishermen and sell in the market. Often a scandal occurs; As soon as Bashir lifted the net, Fazal Kader appeared. His presence meant Bashir’s fish prices halved. Fazal Quader’s younger son adopted Bashir’s younger sister with love. He was not at all agreeable to this marriage.

-‘For love and hono maiya na-paosade na! Toaitai Zaillar boin ugga gharat tuills!’ and used this opportunity to trade in fish. Looking into Bashir’s eyes, he said – ‘Tur boin say Raikkide, otherwise I would not have given him a chance! Bhaigya Vala, you are my nephew. Since then, Bashir cannot give fish to other traders in the presence of Fazal.

If you give it to another businessman, you get double the money, but you also have to listen to the cries of torture of the younger sister. Today if the uncle is present! He shuddered at the thought of it. Eight or ten people took it with both hands and brought the net. The entire net has turned pale white. Rupchanda, hilsa, knife, small fish in total will be twenty twenty five kg. Fill the fish in the basket

Bharte looked around and Bashir breathed a sigh of relief. No, uncle Fazal did not come today. A smile of satisfaction comes out of him. In all ten twelve thousand rupees will be available. It has already been said that Kamlad will not be paid today. Banu will be treated with all the money. As soon as the amount of money came to mind, he lost himself in joy. Siddiq member came running to go up with the basket.

– ‘Bashir, let the fish be fair. Eddurat ha-tian lobby ha a-bhai.’
-‘Badda, if I take it, it’s no use being a lamb! Give it to me.’

-‘Hey hey, don’t fly Deikks, Kudduisya; Ed says ten thousand fish. Aiyo lambashura na-haini a-bhai, dhar tian panchazar la.”Bashi’s face darkened and said with a grim expression,

-‘Badda ai on-ray more hoyi-nia! If you give it out, I will give you twelve Azar amatat.
– What happened! Aichcha ja, baro azar die degai non-bhai, bechiere anr paona tiangun gharat di aisagai.

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