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Touches the soul

Sohail has not gone to school for a few days now. His education was stopped because he could not pay the salary. Why do children go to school? When asked by the mother, she said that the head sir was forbidden by the mother. He said that if you can’t pay the tuition fee, don’t come to school. The son’s answer made the mother speechless. A few tears fell from both eyes due to grief and pain.

After being silent for a long time, he took a deep breath and thought in pain, well, if the tuition fee can’t be paid, why would the school authorities let him study? Moreover, where they cannot eat properly, how will they raise money for their son’s education? Maryam was worried about the future of her son’s education. Four months ago

Her truck helper husband died in a car accident. And since then many sorrows and hardships have come down in their lives. In order to survive, Maryam had to take work as a maid in other people’s houses. If there is work, they eat and if not, both mother and son fast. After the death of their husbands, this is what happened to them. Mariam way, Swami Monir was theirs

The only earning person in the family. Even if they were not wealthy, they would spend their days with the income they got from helping the truck. They live there by building a mud house in a small piece of land obtained from Monir’s ancestral sources. Her husband Monir had many dreams and hopes for his son

Wanted to make it big by teaching education. Son Sohail is a meritorious student of the seventh grade of the local high school. On the day before his death, Monir gossiped with Maryam all night without sleeping. His story does not want to end. After telling me to sleep, Maryam said that she will take a trip to Chittagong tomorrow morning. Today I know why I want to talk with you so much. And if I can’t come back. So I want to spend the night talking with you. In the face of the husband

Hearing such words, Maryam got up and restrained her husband and said, Balai Shaat. Never talk like this again. Monir smiled and said, “You know Maryam, when I proposed marriage to you, you turned it down and said, “If you were a driver, it would not have happened.” So the helper of the truck? I was not upset at all. Later, of course, you sent the proposal

I immediately agreed. Hearing this, Maryam laughed out loud and tapped Monir in shame. Monir felt a sense of peace in this. Monir also said, if ever I go to the country of no return, I will try to educate Sohail anyway. Maryam’s eyelids got wet after hearing this. Forbids not to speak such things. At this time Maryam asked her husband to sleep and stroked his hair. But Monir keeps talking without sleeping. at all

Do not listen to Maryam’s prohibition. Rather, Misty smiled and said, Maryam, do you remember that? What is going on, Mariam wants to know eagerly. Monir says sadly, after marriage you wanted a red Banarasi saree. I couldn’t buy it because I didn’t have money. At first I was upset, but then I never did, for buying such a saree

never said So this time I will buy a red saree for you when I return from Chittagong. Of course, I had to do backbreaking duty for a few days to collect the money for the saree. Maryam says, no, I am a saree

don’t want I pray that you come back well. When he wanted to talk about Moni, Maryam again tied him up and told him to sleep. Monir doesn’t listen to Mariam. Keep talking. With happiness in his heart, he smiled and said, once you asked me for a dozen glass bangles. Actually I was unemployed then. Because there is no money in hand

could not buy That’s why you went to your father’s house with pride. Meanwhile, one day in your absence, my hand got burnt while cooking rice. Hearing this, you rushed like a madman, removing the branch of pride. I cannot express how happy I was that day. Survived by cooking rice. Otherwise, how many times his hand would have been burnt

There was no account. Still have burn marks on hands. I borrowed money from the owner of the service and bought the bangle. The number of times the creditors insulted me along the way for not repaying that money on time is endless. After listening to Monir, Maryam says, Oh, what do you remember, I was very good on the first wedding anniversary

I was sitting waiting for you to come after cooking food. But you have no news. I couldn’t sleep all night. I thought nothing happened to you? Every day I used to eagerly look towards the road, when I realized this. Finally three days

After returning home, you said that you went to Khulna on an urgent trip. Didn’t get time to inform me. I was very angry in my heart but could not say anything because I was moved by your tired and helpless face. I sit on the side and eat with my own hands. Tears of joy rolled down your eyes in gratitude. I also hold back tears

could not Maryam also says, one day you wanted to eat rice after returning from a trip. Still no rice. As there was no rice in the house, it was late to borrow it and cook it. You were very angry not getting rice. Later, when you found out that you were late in cooking to borrow rice, you wept with regret. You are never angry in life

did not Even when I went to father’s house several times without your permission, you brought me with a smile. At one stage of the story, Monir reminisces about old days and says that once their car was caught by robbers on Chittagong Road. Along with the driver, the robbers also looted two thousand rupees from him. She cried a lot when she returned home. Maryam had never seen him cry like this. Because she is pregnant. With this money, he is a doctor

wanted to show But due to lack of money, he could not see a doctor. Even when the child was delivered in the hospital, Monir had to work day and night to save money to meet his expenses. But no one understood it. He also remembers when Sohail was three years old, he insisted on buying a small tricycle. But money

Sohail cries all day because he cannot buy a bicycle due to lack of money. Monir beat her that day despite repeated prohibitions. Saddened, Monir cries for a long time. Later, Sohail was never beaten. Even though he couldn’t do it that day, Monir was very happy to be able to buy Sohail a bicycle much later. Think about your husband

There was a storm of pain in Maryam’s heart. With tears falling from both eyes, talking all night and leaving home to go to Chittagong in the morning, the sound of a crow was being covered continuously. Maryam’s chest trembled with an unknown fear after hearing the hoarse call of the crow. Monir also carried his son in his arms

Adar and Maryam clapped their hands and prayed. Maryam and Sohail are surprised by such activities of Monir. Because he had never seen Monir behave like this before taking the trip. His thought was that he would never come back. On the way, Monir stopped and looked back repeatedly to see Mariam and Sohail.

Nothing could satisfy the taste of seeing them. It seemed as if this was his last meeting. While reminiscing about her husband, son Sohail comes from outside and says in a stern voice, “Mother is hungry.” let me eat Maryam brought some rice and pulses from Hari and gave Sohail to eat. Seeing that, Sohail gets upset and says, I will not eat rice with only pulses. Give fish, meat. Maryam said that she would give it at night. Sohail doesn’t want to hear any more false assurances from his mother. He is proud

They say, today you are only feeding rice with pulses even though you will give fish and meat for a month. If you don’t give it then I will also go to my father. Hearing this from the son’s mouth, Maryam hugged the son and cried and said, “Don’t say that, father.” Your father has evaded me. If you go too, who will I live with? Who will call me mother?

I will never bring it to my mouth. Seeing Maryam’s tears, Sohail also hugged her and said, “Mom, I will never want to eat rice with fish and meat again.” I will only be given rice with dal or salt. Seeing this mother-son scene, Rahima aunt from next door could not hold back her tears. Mariam’s face turned black with worry. Her husband wanted a son very much

Education will grow. But the authorities have banned him from going to school as he is unable to pay the school tuition fees. After a few days, the name may be removed from the account. Maryam remembers that her husband Sohail was admitted to school by borrowing 500 rupees from Malik. Miriam is also from different people

Borrowing money from Sohail has taught him so far. Now no one lends because of non-payment. Rather, the creditors come to his house for money and abuse and insult him by saying whatever they want. Meanwhile, Sohail’s studies have also stopped due to not being able to pay the tuition fees. Maryam cannot understand what to do in such a situation. always

He looked speechless. In this difficult time, Maryam remembers her husband and cries, thinking that she is very helpless. Even though they were poor, their house was full of happiness a few months ago. But now there is only moaning at home. When her husband’s body was brought home after the accident, Miriam’s head collapsed when she saw it. Hugs husband’s body and cries

Repeatedly losing consciousness. Seeing her cry, no one could hold back their tears. The atmosphere is heavy and the shadow of mourning descends all around. Sohail hugs his father’s body and cries, father, don’t leave us. I will become an orphan. I will never tease you again. I will never neglect my studies. I will always obey my mother. His words touched everyone’s heart. Relatives are broken. Tears fell all around.

Maryam hugged her husband’s body with both hands and said in a tearful voice that she wanted to have tea with parota in the morning on the day of her trip to Chittagong. But I could not make it because there was no flour. Yet you were not angry. You said, at the end of the trip, you will buy a red Jamdani saree from Chittagong and put it on me and then have tea with parota. Then with my son and me

The sardine will roam outside. Eat in a good hotel. How much hope did you have? But where is it fulfilled? You never came back. If we float in the sea of sorrow and leave forever in the land of no return. I could never feed you anything good. You didn’t want to eat anything either. You have been working day and night like a bullock for the family. ever

I didn’t think about my own happiness, I didn’t think for myself. Did you talk to me all night without sleeping because you were going to leave? Had I known earlier, I would not have let you take the trip to Chittagong. Maryam and Sohail kept crying. Their heartwarming words touched everyone’s heart and soul.

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